It is always with great pleasure that I get to meet and work with Kenpoist who are not only great at their art but great at their teaching. The testament of a master is in his students and his ability to teach his students to rise to their maximum potential, that is the aliment test for the teacher.”

Grandmaster Larry G Tatum 10th Degree Black Belt.

I have had the opportunity to work with Ron and Gail at both of their school locations in Northland New Zealand, and take great pleasure in endorsing the wonderful work they are doing in their local communities through their martial arts programs.

Ron and Gail have become personal friends with myself and my wife Jaydean, and have shared the opportunity to stay at our respective homes while exchanging visits to New Zealand and the USA.

I wish them continued success in their tireless efforts in spreading the art of Kenpo to the world and hope that many more follow in their footsteps.”

Graham Lelliott. 8th Degree Black Belt, (Associate Master of the Arts)

It is great being involved with martial artists so obviously dedicated and passionate as are Ron and Gail Mason.

We know them to be strongly committed to advancing the skills of their club members and possessing of responsible, open and friendly personalities – all of which makes them valuable role models and teachers in our communities.

Therefore we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Northland Kenpo Karate to anyone wishing to associate with or join their club.

Malisa Ng (Club Founder) – Chen Tai Chi Centre N.Z.