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The First & Only Larry Tatum Affiliated School in Northland (ltkka)

Benefits of Kenpo:

  • Northland Kenpo Karate is a proud affiliated school of Grandmaster Larry Tatum of Pasadena, California, USA.
  • Grandmaster Larry Tatum was a top student of Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker.
  • Northland Kenpo Karate practices Parker Kenpo.
  • Students can go to other Parker schools in New Zealand and internationally.
  • Kenpo Karate is a specialist and practical style with a thorough understanding of good form.
  • Kenpo Karate promotes Self confidence / Self defence / Regain flexibility / Co-ordination / Self discipline.
  • Self defence is the main focus of the style – effective and focused.
  • Street self defence.
  • Not a style focused on competitions although our students compete at an annual prestigious national tournament.

Join the Club

So you’ve heard of us, and thinking about joining a Kenpo club in the Northland? Look no further, we have a clubs in Whangarei, and Dargaville, with more to follow in the future.

Our Instructors

Meet out instructors, and learn how they can help you become highly skilled in self defense using Kenpo Karate.


See Kenpo Karate in action in our photo gallery.