Private Training

Private Training and the Martial Arts Student

Northland Kenpo is able to offer high quality, regular personalised training at a reasonable cost to both existing and new students.

Whilst in New Zealand, investing in your martial arts progress via private training is not the norm, in many countries it is common and at times “the way it is done”, as life gets busier, or so we think. A look back in history sees a small group or one-on-one teacher/student relationship as the norm with group trainings often the preserve of military groups.

When you take on private lessons you acknowledge both your desire to learn and progress and the journey your instructor has travelled to be able to offer such training. Anyone claiming to offer private training should have a well established track record and be of significant rank and lineage. Students will notice understanding and uptake of information expand and progress hasten.

Such progress via this format can serve to re-energise your training and clear pathways or blockages in learning and understanding.

Gradings impending! time away!- this is the way to get “back on the horse” – even with only a few sessions. Occasionally a student may consider this the only feasible way to do the bulk of his or her training. With our students having progressed and many heading for black belt gradings, some students will find this an indispensable tool. Private training can just as easily include a couple of like-minded students with the resultant drop in charges. Time will be by appointment.

Please see Ron for more details